Description Of Work: Atlantic Storm Protection provided us Hurricane shutters for our entire home (including sliding glass doors). We selected 2 different kinds of shutters and in different colors. The professionalism of the owner and his employees is superior. Their products was top notch. You definitely get what you pay for. Highly recommend.

Comments: The owner showed up at appointed date and time. Provided us with samples of the shutters. Did all measurements. Provided a quote. All complete within ~1.5 hrs. A few days later he came back with a representative who would be manufacturing a special type of shutter we ordered for several windows. Measure twice, cut once is one of their motto's. The completed products were ready within the agreed to timeframe. Installation date was set and the crew was there, on time and completed on time. This company ONLY uses their own employees; no subcontractors (which is a HUGE bonus after some issues we had been through with other companies). We couldn't have been more pleased with the overall product quality, installation process and professionalism.

Angela L. ~ Cocoa, FL
Work Completed Date: July 05, 2011